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Tacoma Attorneys Fight Dental Malpractice in Washington

Skilled legal team advances your case for full compensation

No one has ever confused a trip to the dentist with a day at the beach. But patients expect their dentists to address their issues competently without introducing complications that inflict pain, damage their teeth and, in many cases, threaten their lives. Since 1952, personal injury lawyers at Rush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, L.L.P. have fought for victims of medical and dental malpractice. Our accomplished attorneys draw on decades of experience to build a solid case for compensation for the full range of your injuries.

Experienced advocates familiar with dental procedure errors

Dental malpractice can produce tooth loss and other serious injuries requiring corrective surgery. Each year, infections from negligent dental procedures result in hospitalizations and numerous fatalities. Rush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, L.L.P. is prepared to fight for patients throughout Washington in cases involving:

  • Complications from tooth extractions — Negligent tooth extraction can cause serious injuries, including life-threatening infections, nerve damage, severed nerves, sinus perforation, jawbone fracture, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Dentists have also been known to mistakenly extract the wrong teeth.
  • Endodontic errors — Dentists performing procedures on the innermost part of the tooth, where the pulp and nerve reside, must be careful to prevent infections, nerve damage and common surgery errors, such as leaving implements in the tooth canal.
  • Dental implant errors — Botched implants may prove unrestorable or unstable and can impact the nerve, causing intense pain.
  • Substandard reconstructions — Patients have a right to expect that crowns and bridges will be functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Failure to diagnose periodontal disease — Lax or nonexistent diagnostic procedures can allow disease to take hold, leading to tooth loss.
  • Orthodontic complications — Negligent orthodontics can produce root resorption, the breakdown or destruction of root structure, leading to tooth loss.
  • Anesthesia errors — Along with tooth extraction errors, this is the leading cause of wrongful death in dentistry.
  • Injection errors — A careless injection of a sedative directly into the nerve can cause permanent damage.
  • Adverse drug reactions — If a dentist fails to take a proper patient history, drugs the dentist should have known would cause severe harm might be administered.

Our legal team thoroughly investigates the circumstances of your dental injury to see if a dentist violated accepted protocols that might have prevented the harm you suffered.

Contact our Tacoma dental malpractice lawyers for representation throughout Washington

Dental malpractice is more than painful; it can be life-threatening. If you’ve suffered painful consequences from a dental procedure, our knowledgeable attorneys can assess whether you have grounds for legal action. Call Rush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, L.L.P. today at 253.250.4516 or contact our firm online to schedule a free consultation.